Write on Nurses!

Check out this post about writing in the nursing profession by Bonny Kehm, PhD, RN, that was featured on Excelsior’s Online Writing Lab Blog: Write on Nurses!... [ read more ]

Simulation Workshop for Nursing Students

By Cathy DeChance, PhD, RN; Lisa Robert, MS, RNC; Dawn Olbrych, MSN, CNE; Nicole Hedowski, MSN, RN, NE-BC; Karla Scavo, MS, RN Through the Retention/Persistence Proposal, money was obtained from the Office of the Provost, so... [ read more ]

Taking Time to Care for Yourself

By Sharon Aronovitch, PhD, RN, CWOCN, Lead Faculty Program Director, BS-MS You find yourself juggling, work, home life, school, and a social life (if you have one), every day of the week.... [ read more ]

Nurse Faculty Spread Knowledge and Care Across the World

Text by Patricia Klimkewicz, PhD, MBA, MS, RN-BC; photos courtesy of Patricia Klimkewicz, PhD, MBA, MS, RN-BC On a sunny day in May, I boarded the Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy (TAH-19) for a five... [ read more ]

Reflecting on Nursing Through Jeopardy

By Patti Cannistraci Every evening I look forward to watching Jeopardy, the game show that poses answers to which contestants provide the question. Some days I am pretty good with the response... [ read more ]

School of Nursing Represents Excelsior at Baccalaureate Education Conference

By Dr. Barbara Pieper and Dr. Patti Cannistraci The 2016 Baccalaureate Education Conference, sponsored by The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), was held in Anaheim, CA with the theme of... [ read more ]

School of Nursing Reminds You to Pay It Forward This Thanksgiving Season

By Patricia Cannistraci “Pay it forward”: a popular term used to describe a person’s response to an act of kindness, whereby the kindness is not paid back directly, but is instead passed... [ read more ]

There are 3 Million Nurses in the U.S.: Will We Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election?

By Patricia Cannistraci, DNS, RN, CNE This week our country will elect a new president, along with many other officials at the local, regional, and national level. I can only imagine the impact... [ read more ]

Test Taking Strategies

By Lisa Robert   Test taking techniques are strategies one can utilize to analyze a test item. The most important skill for the test taker is the ability to read the question... [ read more ]

Raising Cancer Awareness

By Patty Nedo Most people fear a cancer diagnosis. We’ve become familiar with the sight of support ribbons displayed to raise awareness about different types of cancer, such as pink ribbons that... [ read more ]

Using Twitter in the Classroom

By Amy Erickson About five years ago, one university encouraged instructors and staff to create Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, the instructors and staff weren’t given any guidance as to how or why to... [ read more ]

How to Write a Scholarly Paper

By Sharon A. Aronovitch, PhD, RN, CWOCN Before you begin to write your next scholarly paper, you may want to think about the four different types of writing one can do: Expository... [ read more ]

Travel and Learn in Rome in Spring 2017

Join faculty members from Loyola University Chicago, Niehoff School of Nursing next year in Rome, Italy for nine days of travel and immersion learning for health care leaders. Participants can choose to... [ read more ]

Elements of a Well Written Paper

By Bonny Kehm, PhD, RN Faculty Program Director, BS in Nursing Program What are the elements of a well written paper? Begin by taking a look at the assignment and the rubric.... [ read more ]

Vaccinations: Do We Need Them?

By Bonny Kehm, PhD, RN Faculty Program Director, BS Nursing Program Vaccination is an important health care issue, especially regarding the vaccination of children. Tasked with promoting community health, nurses play a... [ read more ]

How to Protect Yourself from the Zika Virus

By Fran Ludwig MS, RN As I drove to the mall the other day, a commuter bus passed me. A new advertisement on the side of the bus featured the headline “Stay... [ read more ]

Understanding Hepatitis: Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Treatment

What is Hepatitis? The word hepatitis breaks down to hepa, which refers to the liver, and itis, which means inflammation. Therefore, hepatitis means there is inflammation of the cells within the liver.... [ read more ]

Attracting More Men to the Nursing Profession

Did you know that men have always been nurses? The first school for male nurses was established in India around 250 BCE, and documentation exists of men serving as nurses as far... [ read more ]

Preventing Childhood Obesity

Obesity rates in children and adolescents today are two to three times what they were in 1980. In some communities, as many as 50% of school-age children are obese.... [ read more ]

Parents Need to Be Vigilant Regarding Children’s Drug Use

By Amy Elinskas, MSN, RN, Faculty Program Director Drugs are destroying many American homes and taking a toll on young people today. The commonest drug problem today in America is abuse of... [ read more ]

Steps to Increase Medication Safety

By Nona Wilson, Faculty Medications are used to treat infectious processes and manage symptoms of disease and illness and for disease prevention. They are quite effective for their purpose when used and... [ read more ]

AD Team Nominated for Teamwork and Collaboration Award

By Kim Hedley, Assistant Dean The AD in nursing team was recognized by the Northeast New York Professional Nurses Organization Inc, as a nominee for the Teamwork and Collaboration Award during the... [ read more ]