National Nurses Week: Gerry Vickers on the evolution of nursing

Gerry Vickers, a nurse educator at St. Peter’s Health Partners in Albany, New York and a 2009 Bachelor of Science in nursing graduate of Excelsior College, reflects back on her career and the changes in the nursing industry she has witnessed firsthand....  [Read More]

National Nurses Week: Melissa Davis on holistic nursing

Melissa Davis, a nurse educator at St. Peter’s Health Partners in Albany, New York, and the Belanger School of Nursing, discusses the delivery of holistic nursing. Davis is a 2015 Master of Science in Nursing graduate of Excelsior College....  [Read More]

CampusTalk: Excelsior College Student Success Center

In this episode of CampusTalk, Glen Braddock, director of student success at Excelsior, presents to the college community on the development of the Excelsior College Student Success Center. Braddock discusses the central role of academic advising, enhanced student services, data informed outreach...  [Read More]

Deborah Golden Alecson on Dying in America

Deborah Golden Alecson, a faculty member in the Schools of Health Science and Nursing, joins the show to discuss a September 2014 report issued by the Institute of Medicine called “Dying in America: Improving Quality and Honoring Individual Preferences Near the End...  [Read More]